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IH005: Ghosts On Tape - No Guestlist / Still Got The Feeling 12"

by Ghosts On Tape


12" Vinyl
Ghosts On Tape - No Guestlist / Still Got The Feeling
Remixes by Arttu & Ghosts On Tape



When San Francisco's ICEE HOT launched its own record label last fall with a new record from Ghosts On Tape (one of the party's founders), there was a lot of talk about how quiet he's been in recent years. Now, a mere nine months later, that's all changed.

Following the release of "Nature's Law," Ghosts On Tape has been on an absolute tear, dropping numerous remixes and turning out new tunes at a blinding clip. At this point, he's built up a solid reserve of dancefloor weapons, and ICEE HOT is thrilled to begin unleashing it upon the world. "No Guestlist" is the first salvo, and it's an absolute stormer. Combining the brash spirit of classic Chicago with Ghosts On Tape's drum-heavy sensibilities, the much sought-after tune has been lighting up ICEE HOT for months and is poised to do some major damage. The producer's own "Underground Mix" takes things deeper, albeit while keeping the sass of the original version intact.

Finnish producer Arttu has also been enlisted to remix "No Guestlist," and kicks off the b-side with a playful and light-hearted take that employs snapping drum patterns and gleefully lilting melodies. Rounding out the record is another Ghosts On Tape original, "Still Got the Feeling," a darker, slower burning cut that reflects just how effective he can be when experimenting with a more techno-flavored template.