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IH004: Contakt - Nobody Else / Tessera 04 12"

by Contakt


12" Vinyl
Contakt - Nobody Else / Tessera 04
Remixes by Robert Hood & Ghosts On Tape

Our fourth offering finds us welcoming another artist to our expanding roster. That said, Contakt isn't exactly a stranger. The Michigan-reared, New York-based producer is one of the founders and resident DJs at Brooklyn's TURRBOTAX® party, which has long been a sort of sister party to Icee Hot.

Contakt has previously released music for respected outposts like Local Action, Grizzly, and Dutty Artz, but "Nobody Else" and "Tessera 04" find him taking an important step forward as an artist, delivering tunes that are richer and more really realized than anything from his past.

Particularly on "Nobody Else," Contakt's flair for big-room melody remains intact, but he takes notes from classic KMS, filling out the song's cresting synths with a full-bodied bassline, a hooky vocal sample and a sturdy rhythmic underpinning. "Tessera 04" goes deeper, channeling Maurizio while delving headlong into a dense cloud of synths and maintaining a steady sense of forward momentum.

On the flipside, Icee Hot resident Ghosts on Tape continues his recent hot streak, infusing "Nobody Else" with punchy drumwork and a potent rave sensibility. Detroit legend Robert Hood then rounds out the release, transforming "Tessera 04" into a pulsing and purring slice of heady analog techno.