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IH002: Lando Kal - Let You In The Sky / Help Myself 12"

by Lando Kal


12" Vinyl
Lando Kal - Let You In The Sky / Help Myself
Remixes by Anthony Shakir & Grown Folk

Over the past few years, Lando Kal (a.k.a. Antaeus Roy) has undergone quite the transformation. In the process of relocating from San Francisco to New York to Berlin, the man has blossomed as an artist. Where he was once simply known as one half of Lazer Sword, he's now celebrated as an accomplished producer in his own right, having released music for the esteemed Rush Hour and Hotflush labels while also helping to pilot the Stillcold imprint. Throughout this time, he's also been considered an extended member of the Icee Hot family. As such, when the San Francisco-based Icee Hot made the leap from party promotion to record label earlier this year, Lando Kal was an obvious choice to join the roster, and his "Let You in the Sky" / "Help Myself" single just might be some of his best work yet.

Since installing himself in the German capital, Lando has (unsurprisingly) found himself delving deeper into the world of techno and its various sound palettes, an exploration which has properly borne fruit here. "Let You in the Sky" is a churning slice of techno colored by lilting synths, melodic stabs, and an almost robotic vocal sample. "Help Myself" takes a slightly funkier approach, layering swaying pads and sassy vocal snippets over a steady pulse before exploding with an array of claps and hi-hats about halfway through. Digital-only cut "So Correct" might be the most propulsive track on the release, its uptempo percussion and chunky rhythms carried along by an insistent piano riff.

The remixes also come correct, the first courtesy of Detroit legend Anthony Shakir. "Shake" has always been a bit of a chameleon, but his take on "Help Myself" finds him exploring a new sound, one punctuated by overdriven synths, wildly distorted vocal bits, and a wonderfully sashaying pattern of bongos. Rounding out the record is a rework from Montreal youngsters Grown Folk, who will also be at the helm of the next Icee Hot release. The duo's version of "Let You in the Sky" offers a dark, pounding undercarriage that's unique to its discography, but also bathes the tune in a warm cloud of the pair's trademark billowing synth melodies.